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We're located in Youngstown, Ohio and offer computer repair and sales, network services and troubleshooting, file and printer sharing, computer virus and spyware removal, point of sale systems for retail and restaurants, network security cameras and more to the Mahoning Valley area, Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

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There's so many options available these days when it comes to home and office computers and networks, it might all seem very confusing. Simply put, you need computer systems and connectivity that provide internet access, file and printer sharing for your family or small business at affordable prices without sacrificing quality, reliability and security.

The days when most families had one computer that everyone took turns using are fading into the past. High speed internet connections are replacing dial-up access at a very fast pace, and with that comes the ability to have more than one internet enabled computer in your home without the need for multiple phone lines. You can choose from wired or wireless routers that provide shared resources such as printer sharing, file sharing and internet connection sharing while protecting you from outside intruders and unacceptable web sites.

Security of your precious data and what your children are viewing online are issues that aren't always addressed when installing this type of equipment in your home. Solutions are available to prevent unfortunate events from occurring that could destroy your data and allow your children to view offensive material. If you already have cable or dsl access and aren't using some type of firewall between your modem and computers we strongly suggest you contact us today so we can help you to understand the risks you are taking.

Networking has always been something businesses have relied on to allow workers to communicate with each other and share data and peripherals within an organization. Today, internet connectivity is also a valuable tool for business. We can provide solutions for your business that maximize your productivity without the worries of unprotected internet access.

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